Taj Residencia’s Construction and Development

Taj Residencia’s development and construction updates speak of how spectacular this housing society is performing. It is a project by Sardar Group of Companies, who established this society in 2013. You will find that Taj Residencia is a new essence of lifestyle. From architecture to construction, residential and commercial plots to Villas piled with amenities. Everything simply exudes royalty and luxury.

Taj Residencia proceeds to produce more and better expanding the construction with additional blocks after every small timespan. You will find the lands divided into large sectors with beautiful buildings evolving and touching skies. Taj Residencia currently has two phases with Phase-I already progressing with great success. While Phase-II has its area marked and reserved for its construction.

Also, Taj Residencia has its No Objection Certificate (NOC) approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). So, they hold the authority to do their development. So, far Taj’s work is progressing well, and one of this project’s most persuasive benefits is that four out of the eleven units have reached complete construction.

You would want to have a house over the wide lands of this luxurious housing society that holds over 10,000 Kanals of land. These lands are divided into various sectors and blocks. In addition to that, Each sector holds a burst of basic as well as modern amenities. Villas, Residential Towers, Parks, Royal Clubs, Commercial centers, Mosques, schools, Hospitals, and Plazas with plots both possessionable and underdeveloped.

Taj Residencia’s New On-Site Development Updates

You might not have expected the sectors to double up so fast with more and newer sectors adding up to the list of under construction. These include Rose, Lily, Tulip, Geranium, Iris, Aster, Zinnia, Marigold, Daffodils, Daisy, Jasmine, Gardenia, Lotus, and Cosmos.

On-Site Development includes continued work in many categories. These are as follows:

Bulk Earth Works Development

This is one of the major and basic works done before starting any other. Bulk Earth Works include cutting, filling, and leveling of land. Our machines are still actively working on it since more and more sectors are added to the progress list.

Roads Construction

Our Road work is progressing every minute as multiple sectors are under construction. Development of the Grand Avenue Road, main boulevards, connecting roads, and streets is proceeding to completion at a fast pace in all sectors.

Utility Amenities

You will find a large number of basic and modern amenities spread under and over the lands of Taj Residencia. Utility services facility including water, gas, and power is Taj Residencia’s high priority. You can visit Taj Residencia’s social updates and witness the on-ground work in this regard. 

Water Drainage and Sewerage System Development

A well-thought-out and active water drainage and sewerage system are put in place to guarantee the enabling of ease and convenience for in habitants.

Power and Electrical Works

Lights never go out at the lands of Taj Residencia. State-of-the-art modern street lights and power stations are being fitted. We want to not only brighten your ways to your home but also certify energy efficiency.

Lush Green Parks Construction / Horticulture

Nature is the key to our mystical satisfaction. Development of Clean and Green Parks in Taj Residencia progress with every sector under construction. This provides the inhabitants with a modern luxurious environment packed with the freshness and beauty of nature.

Construction Of Mosque

The Grand Mosque of Taj Residencia is near completion regarding its construction. While separate mosques in every sector are also planned to be brought out on the progress list. This will take shape very soon.

Development Of Commercial Plazas

Taj Residencia is focusing to facilitate its inhabitants with every possible convenience. Therefore, the construction of commercial plazas in the main commercial hub as well as every sector has begun.

Construction Of Villas and Residential Towers

Residential towers and Villas are progressing as more and more people are showing interest in them. Also, You will find huge towers standing high with beautiful architecture wrapped around them. While luxury and comfort paint the walls of the interior.

Stone Masonry Works

Along with the progression of roads and streets, stone masonry works are in full swing. Our men never stop in this regard. Since, these works are alongside the roads and streets.


The beautification and landscaping of Taj Residencia are other categories of utmost importance. Since they add to the aesthetic value of society.

Quality Checks

We treat every characteristic of development and construction at Taj Residencia with supreme care and employee expert skills to certify the quality of the work done. Construction and development has been accelerating, and families are already claiming the plots to avail of the services, they shall be able to live in the accomplished areas within the timespan of a year. The Taj Residencia’s developers are enthusiastic to complete the project soon enough. Since it will set the standard and notions that people will want to cherish.

We as Taj Representatives advise you to make a long-term investment in the endeavor to cherish the ever-lasting benefits. Although, short-term investments can give decent results, long-term investments can yield significantly better rewards. Consequently, we planned the underdeveloped blocks for investors. The preferred choice would be to apply for category plots. An extra value is altered in the price as its rate increases. Nevertheless, Taj Residencia is planning to build new blocks soon. It means that asking for additional could be introduced within a year. This consistently results in a high-profit margin.

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