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Why do you want to know about Taj Residencia’s payment plans and installments? You will be answering it yourself after reading this article.

Purchasing your dream home is no doubt one of the major successes for a person. When you choose to buy a property, Equated Monthly Installment and a heavy down payment might come to your mind. You need to make these payments at the time of booking the property you decide to buy. That is why there is a requirement for a proper payment plan and the amount of installment to be paid.

Why we brought payment plans for you?

As Taj Residencia is a topmost real estate company with huge successful projects launched with sky-high success. We know how much technological advancement has progressed in the real estate sector. Inventors have now turned up with some interesting payment plans to lessen the payment pressure on customers. Therefore, people from the middle class can easily avail of the same services as the elites.

Residential and Commercial plots

The plots and properties offered at Taj are categorized into three major sections. One with possessionable (Residential plots and commercial plots) preceded by under-developed. These plots come under a variety of sectors. These include Rose, Lily, Tulip, Geranium, Iris, Aster, Zinnia, Marigold, Daffodils, Daisy, Jasmine, and Gardenia.

You will find these lands with amazing locations and ground piled with tons of utilities and services. That is equally packed with growing opportunities to turn a piece of land into a luxurious comfort of home. Or a commercial place to grow your business and revenue with everything simply according to your

Taj Residencia provides payment plans for both types of properties to ease you through the process of buying it easy.

The execution of the GST and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority brought many variations in the real estate market. Taj has experienced how this has involved various customers to capitalize on properties. This has also made ways for developers to facilitate their clients by placing forth newer and better payment policies. However, its numerous payment plans inspire customers to invest.

Installment payment plans and down payment

Taj Residencia offers convenient 1-year to 2-year plans for the reimbursement of property in installments. Though for most real estate companies, the payment plans comprise a 10% to 20% down payment in the initial stages. Along with regular or quarterly fixed installments you need to pay on a precise due date.

In addition to that, these payment plans also comprise of 8 quarterly installments with a 30% down payment and a final installment. The residential plot sizes hold a wide range starting from 25’X50’ and including 30’X60’, 35’X70’, 40’X80’, 50’X90’, 60’X120’, 75’X120’ with commercial plots of 30’X40’. The
price and installment amount vary for every plot according to its size and location.

However, you cannot sell the plot until you have compensated all the installments. With this much ease of payment, our customers relish trusting us. They stay hand in hand with us through the journey of building their dream homes.

Why do you need to opt for them?

There are many reasons why people choose our installment plans. One is that on a realistic basis, many do not have the cash in hand desired to purchase the plot. Despite the fact, that you might have sufficient financial possessions, advancing in real estate is hardly easy on the pocket. Especially if you are not able to pile up cash. But you don’t want to miss out on such an opportunity of adding a new property to your collection. These payment and installment plans deliver you that much-required scalability and room to move your finances. 

There could be a reason that you have an urgent need for accommodation. This could be the time you need to go for installment payment plans of Taj Residencia.

If you have an urgent need for accommodation, this could be the other major reason why you need to go for installment payment plans of Taj Residencia.

Wrapping Up

This is a great advantage of paying for a property in installments. Since you grow access to the property and use those grounds instantly, particularly if you have financed a readymade home. This may become the seamless solution if you will need to find housing for yourself and your family on a crucial need. But you don’t have the economic possessions to reimburse for the property in one full go. There are numerous times when you may immediately need a house to stay in. For example, moving because of a new job or a recent one with a new posting. Or your landlord handed you a notice and you can’t find the right rent-based places to transfer before the due date. This is when you will find us ready to hold your hand through your time of need.

Keeping these realistic problems and issues in focus, Taj Residencia designed its installment payment plans. These vary for different sized plots including those in Marla (5, 8, 10 and 14) as well as Kanal (1, 1.5 and 2). To have the best and most satisfying experience with us, Visit Taj Residencia today. Contact us through email, phone calls, and WhatsApp. Or visit our payment plans page on our website and get to know more.

We await to give you the best Real Estate experience in the city with a promise to make you keep coming for more.

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