Chairman’s Statement

Message from management is Greetings to you all!

The greatest part of running businesses, is the ability to give back to the community and what better way than to build for your community. Overcoming colossal challenges in building and delivering some of the most advanced technological, social, high investment builds, has helped us as a commercial real estate developer and investor to specialize in our field.

We develop with a vision that goes far beyond the expectations of our customers and that is why they trust us, not only to keep them comfortable and secure but to also help their investment grow. Throughout our journey nothing is more rewarding than watching our hard work pay off, where families feel secure, enjoy living with the facilities and amenities provided and appreciating the living spaces we have developed for them.

Having built one of the most iconic properties in Islamabad, we pride ourselves on the level of exceptional detail and quality our team deliver to. Our team are passionate about the desire for individuality and craftsmanship, coupled with a meticulous attention to design, specification and architectural integrity.

Long time ago, when the vision of “The Centaurus Mall and Centaurus Residencia” got presented, it got us much success and appreciation than we have expected. Today, it’s a dream better than how we have envisioned it. Our constant dedication and continuous struggle to stand out the crowd has crafted our ways to success in the future. Taj Residencia is a luxurious-dream come true and we hope to make it better than any project we ever have done.

There would be a few bumps on our road to success, but I see bright times of Taj Residencia shining through. As the years pass by, our management is adopting new ways to operate and process things. We continuously strive to enhance our efficiency, our commitment to excellence and to keep updated with the changes in order to successfully overcome all challenges before us.

Thank-you for the visit!

President’s Statement

To all our valued visitors,

I still remember how we all started it together. Years and years have passed by and every project that we have been doing here in Sardar Group Of Companies, we ensured; it’s all about YOU. We created a team of amazing people with diverse backgrounds who are inspired by positivity, creativity, dedication and motivation at the heart of Taj Residencia.

Everybody here is a professional and your trusted advisor. Taj Residencia is not only a project, it’s a hope of providing you a better lifestyle and eventually making Pakistan a better place to reside in. We appreciate the trust you put in us, for your investments. We continue to do our best to provide you luxurious lifestyle, safety and security.

Thank-you for visiting our website.

Message from CEO

I always had an impeccable passion for real estate development, not merely for the sake of business but mainly because I wanted to give a lifestyle to Pakistani people and to have a positive economic, social and environmental impact on the society. The constant urge to escape the ordinary has always been the foremost priority of mine.

I believe in Endurance and change. After attaining the heights of success from “The Centaurus Project”. I decided to hit bigger and better this time. Here’s when the idea of launching a Luxurious residential society slides in, Taj Residencia. Once again, it’s time to live up to the dreams and promises. Diversity and innovation has always been the KPI’s for me and this residential society has it all.

We made sure to incorporate every major and minor details to give you a standard living and created a ton of opportunities for investment for you. Hospitality, safety, leisure, shopping malls, retail and what not. I believe there is always a room for improvement and there will always be more we can do to continuously improve our sustainability performance. I dream to raise the standards of living in Pakistan and to make the standard living accessible to every Pakistani so that we all may contribute in bringing a positive economic change in Pakistan.