Taj Residencia’s Grand Mosque: Status Updated on Completion of the Grand Mosque

Taj Residencia’s Grand Mosque Religious Value:

The Grand Mosque serves as a symbol of our community’s beliefs, culture, and identity in addition to serving as a place of worship. As a result, we have built and planned it in a way that considers these factors. Also, Taj Grand Mosque’s construction and decor can be a hard and modern process. So, it calls for the moral design, close attention to detail, and the experience of qualified architects. Therefore, we have used modern factors to improve the value and comfort added into the mosque’s design. In addition to these elements, we used such methods that reflect the community’s cultural and architectural heritage.

“The mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and give zakat and do not fear except Allah, for it is expected that those will be of the [rightly] guided” (Quran 9:18).

Ornamentation and Calligraphy:

Taj Residencia’s Grand Mosque holds its beauty adorned with Islamic art and architecture depending heavily on decoration, hence expressing the community’s aesthetic and spiritual ideals. So, we used Golden Calligraphy in the mosque to intensify the divine significance of the building. Also, it adds to the enhancement of its aesthetic appeal. In addition to that, quranic verses and other Islamic scriptures inscribed on the mosque’s walls and domes are prominent examples of calligraphy in mosque decor.

Taj Residencia is known for its quality construction and world-class designs. So, we focus on the continuity of our quality processes in development and planning.

Our Grand Mosque’s Eminence:

The building of Taj Residencia’s Grand Mosque follows specific architectural rules hence perfected by the expert architects and construction experts. Hence, these guidelines cover the mosque’s orientation, structural components, and spatial layout. Because Mecca is the holiest place in Islam, we held the mosque’s direction as crucial.

The mosque’s structural features, including the dome and minaret, are also the fruit of meticulous plans to ensure stability and reliability. So, Taj Residencia makes sure to include all the constancy measures along with elite standards of comfort and decor. So, we build the best quality facilities on Taj Residencia’s land.

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