Taj Residencia Plot for Sale and Payment Plans: Possessionable Sector

Payments plans for Taj Residencia plot for sale are available

Taj residencia, a splendid housing society by the Sardar Group of Companies brings you just the perfect solution to your living needs. So, we offer various payment plans for you to choose from and become a resident of a community where life exudes excellence.

With the paced development on the premises of the housing society, we bring you Taj Residencia plot for sale in various sectors. Detailed payment plans for all the plot sizes under sectors of the Possessionable category are available. Further below you will find payment plans for 5 Marla to 14 Marla plots along with 1, 1.5, and 2 Kanal plot sizes. The sectors that fall under the possessionable category and are available for plot possession are Rose, Tulip, Orchid, Gardenia, Jasmine, and Lily. For these sectors, the payment plans have installments with a duration of 1-year to be completed.

Currently, the progress of construction escalated in Taj Residencia resulting in many sectors already moving toward their completion. The construction works include amenities like transformer installation, Electric cable fitting, and water pipes being laid. There are nullah walls and bed construction in progress along with kerb stone and masonry works. So, regarding plot possession, you will be able to see the latest updates on our social media accounts. We have recently transferred many plot possessions to our esteemed clients in the sectors Rose and Lily sectors. At our client’s request, we bring you a detailed guide to our payment plans available under the possessionable sectors of the housing society.

Taj Residencia Plot for Sale in Marla sizes

5 Marla Plot: The 5 Marla plot holds a size of 25*50 possessing 139 Square Yard land. We offer 5 Marla plots in the vicinity of Lily and Gardenia currently. The total price of 5 Marla plots is 8,500,000/- with a 30% downpayment, as well as 4 Quarterly installments, plan with a 1-year duration.

8 Marla Plot: With 8 Marla plot, we offer a plot size of 30*60 that holds 200 Square Yards of land. The 8 Marla plots are offered in the sectors of Lily and Gardenia. The total price of these plots is 10,000,000. It also holds a 1-year plan of 4 Quarterly installments with a 30% downpayment.

10 Marla Plot: Taj Residencia 10 Marla plots are available in the Lily, Tulip, Orchid, and Gardenia sectors. These have a plot size of 30*60 and cover an area of 272 Square Yards. The total price for these plots is 14,000,000. Therefore, to make the purchase more convenient, we offer a flexible payment plan spread over 1 year, consisting of 4 Quarterly installments. You can secure a plot of your choice by making a downpayment of 30%.

14 Marla Plot: We also offer 14 Marla plots available in the sector of Tulip under the possessionable category. These plots have a plot size of 30*60 and encompass 356 Square Yards of land. The total price for these plots is 18,000,000. Additionally, we offer a convenient payment plan spread over 1 year, divided into 4 quarterly installments. To avail of this plan, a 30% downpayment is required.

Taj Residencia Plot for Sale in Kanal sizes

1 Kanal Plot: Currently, we have 1 Kanal plot available in the Gardenia sector. These plots have a size of 50*90 and cover an area of 500 Square Yards. The full price for a 1 Kanal plot is 25,000,000/-. To secure a plot, a 30% downpayment is required. We also offer a convenient payment plan spread over 1 year, with 4 quarterly installments.

1.5 Kanal Plot: Taj Residencia offers 1.5 Kanal plots available in the sought-after locations of Tulip, Orchid, and Gardenia. Also, these plots have a size of 60*120 and include a total area of 800 Square Yards. Our 1.5 Kanal plotsare available in 35,000,000/-. To secure a plot, a downpayment of 30% is required. We also offer a convenient payment plan spread over 1 year, consisting of 4 quarterly installments.

2 Kanal Plot: The most spacious plot size offered at Taj Residencia is 2 Kanal with 75*120 parameters. It covers a total of 1000 square yards of land. Both Orchid and Gardenia have the availability of 2 Kanal plots with a total of 40,000,000/-. To reserve a plot of 2 Kanal in either of the sectors, a deposit equivalent to 30% of the total cost is necessary. Additionally, we provide a convenient payment option that spans over 1 year, comprising 4 quarterly installments.

The Last Word

Our payment plans have affordable installments and down payments so that you can start investing today without delay. Hence, with a suitable and extensive-time period for installments payment, it is feasible for our clients to pay the installments and downpayment and get possession of their plots within a short period.

For reservations, and details of possessionable sector payment plans, commercial sector, and much more. Contact Us at our given contact information. Please leave us a message on WhatsApp for quick queries. We provide you with the best information and advice regarding your property matters. Stay with us on social media for more updates, you can also visit our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages where we update regularly about what’s happening! Keep track of the construction and plot possession updates. We also make important announcements regarding packages on social media. Get to know about the variety of options we give for investment and make the most out of it.

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