Taj Residencia and its Eco-friendly inventions

The eco-friendly environment of Taj Residencia tells you that it is your next satisfying extravagant living place in Islamabad. Sardar Group of Companies holds a strong reputation for delivering successful projects.

Taj Residencia Islamabad is an innovative housing society crowded with high ease and luxury. It provides attractive housing plans to the residents of twin cities. Exclusive structure and high-quality lifestyle amenities turn it into an excellent place to live. The developers of this housing society are committed and are working hard and make it an exemplary society. This Society provides modern facilities and life standards along with Eco-friendly inventions.

Taj provides a worthy dreamland plan

Taj provides a worthy dreamland plan to the public of Pakistan. So, that they can accomplish their dreams of living in a luxurious housing society. It proves to be a valuable asset included in the crown of beauty and calmness of twin cities. Since, it has perfect development plan, dazzling building designs, and out-of-this-world amenities.

Moreover, Centaurus Mall-I is an established success and accurate definition of a luxury residential project as well as the commercial hub of Islamabad. This success derived the developers to make something extravagant as well as nature friendly. Taj aims to be splendid like Centaurus Mall-I but at a much more reliable cost structure.

The beautiful houses you dream of and the whole lot you deserve are expecting you at the premises of the housing society. The residents feel the comfort of living in the complete peace of an isolated living place with all the nonstop luxuries.

Eco-Friendly Water Conservation

The scarcity of fresh water on earth in the present age is increasing the demand for an Eco-friendly water conservation method. Taj Residencia focuses on both the elite lifestyle as well as preserving nature. We devise plans to provide a sustainable future lifestyle. The housing society has its premises stretched with such inventions along the buildings and houses. The grounds of Taj Residencia hold webs of pipes that guide the water from rain to a conserver. Furthermore, it leads to a whole bunch of purifiers connected to a network. Which converts the collected water into a usable clean water source.


The plantation done in Taj Residencia is an Eco-friendly invention for the premises. The housing society is doing this for beautification as well as for a nature-induced living style. The housing society aims the protection of the natural balance with modern luxury. Consequently, Taj Residencia produces a pleasing environment in which the residents can experience serenity and calm. The plantation focuses majorly on the greens for providing a natural cleansing method. Meanwhile, the grounds hold many types of flowers and fruit trees. This enhances the beauty and offers more to the inhabitants.

Eco-Friendly Sewage and drainage system

Water pollution is currently the biggest threat to the earth and its natural habitat. These water crises are evolving exponentially. They need a quick and reliable, maintainable, and eco-friendly solution.

Taj Residencia holds another important amenity: The eco-friendly maintenance of the Sewage system. That stretches across the premises. Proper underground pipes and flow ways are induced to give an untroubled and non-blocking sewage system. Such environmentally friendly inventions help to keep the premises reliable enough for the residents. This waste material is processed using many different ways with the underground passages. So, the residents do not face any difficulty regarding the sewage system.

Rain Water Harvesting system

Rainfalls on resistant surfaces for example rooftops, parking lots, boulevards, driveways, concreted surfaces, and flattened soils generate runoffs. This water collects up into a shallower place and becomes a breeding place for diseases and insects.      

Taj Residencia holds an underground system stretched across its map to collect rainwater and sweep it dry from the land. This eco-conscious step helps to avoid any troubles that the residents might have. Also, the housing society made its system use this harvested water for multiple purposes instead of letting it waste. Taj Residencia devised such and many other eco-friendly plans for the future as well. This harvested water is used further in the construction plans of the premises as well as the plantation purposes.     

Eco-Friendly Garbage Collection and processing

An eco-friendly garbage and waste management system keeps the environment safe and secures the community’s well-being. It helps maintain the nature protection cycle and contributes to a nature-friendly environment.

Taj Residencia holds proper garbage disposal units on the grounds of the premises. So, this classifies eco-friendly waste management. Garbage disposers are best for common kitchen waste. Furthermore, large waste shreds into smaller chunks that can decompose quickly. Therefore, waste disposal units reduce waste and promote an eco-friendly environment. Hence, Taj Residencia encourages the use of such disposers on its premises.

Eco-Friendly Plastic waste collection and recycling

Plastic products are useful in routine life in different communities. But its post-use changes the earth’s natural balance if not managed properly. Taj Residencia promotes the collection of plastics for recycling. Since recycling encourages a maintainable lifestyle and contributes to the economy as well.


Taj Residencia is one of the top-class housing societies in the world of real estate. The Sardar Group of Companies showed their potential in the form of Centaurus Mall-I. This fact earns the Housing Society, the trust of many that this project will surely succeed.

Taj Residencia defines comfort, luxury, and nature as the key elements of the best lifestyle. Therefore, we induce eco-friendly inventions as a major part of the plan. Eco-friendly inventions produced a major impact on real estate. Since construction companies and housing societies play a major role in building sustainable houses for the future.

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