Housing Society Legal Issues You Should Know Of

Legal issues in a housing society are very common and they are not necessarily the secure and problems free societies many believe them to be. In the life of a typical housing society inhabitant, some issues tend to appear and reappear. Loud neighbors, arrogant committee members, careless service employees, irresponsible constructors, and a long list of other issues affect these housing societies and their residents. But there is always a workable solution to a problem, given enough insight and innovation. It greatly depends on how the management of the housing society deals with such problems. This earns the trust of clients to invest in the housing society.

Taj Residencia focuses greatly to maintain its standards and thus be able to resolve such issues. Learn more about the issues that plague housing societies most frequently:

Costly maintenance in a housing society

It requires the members to pay maintenance fees for several services, including Water, Gas, power supply, etc. However, it has been noted that the managing committee frequently charges members illegally for extra expenses on false grounds. Such as fees for maintaining pets or utilizing elevators to carry new furniture.

Taj Residencia puts clear terms and conditions for its clients to avoid such mishaps. Our public community holds great satisfaction in this perspective.

Housing society Car parks distress

If the housing society does not make special arrangements for which there is an additional fee, each member gets one parking space for their four-wheeler. A member may leave either a business or private vehicle in parking. A draw usually decides on parking lots when there aren’t enough available spots. The officials must provide a parking area for the clients if they require and do not have a parking space.

We know that places holding dense control bear high levels of corruption. When it comes to managing committees for housing societies, some dishonest officials or members misuse the money for their gain, and some committee members pay no attention to such wrongdoing.

Taj Residencia maintains its check and balance on the employees to make sure the customers get the best guidance from these loyal members.

Common charges that disloyal members may put, include things like misusing society funds and presenting untrue statements, billing members for unnecessary expenses, wiping off past due fees from a few members, stealing money through restoration loans, paying off authorities for fictitious charges, etc. These are separate from regular maintenance services. The managing committee frequently charges large non-occupancy fees on trusting residents, even when the house is not in proper use.

Illegal and unlicensed construction

The governing committee frequently deals with a conflict like this. Many residents use the shared areas next to the house or apartment as storage, garden, or parking space. Additionally, illegal apartment additions built from within the home, take up more space than society allows. The rights of the neighbors are being violated, and the norms of society as a whole are being disregarded.

Safety negligence in a housing society

Some societies have weak security measures, which makes residents vulnerable to theft, damage, and occasionally more serious crimes. Sometimes the security framework is weak or the security guards are absent or careless, which causes merchants and salespeople to bother members unnecessarily.

Even when society installs CCTV systems, the hardware might not remain updated or fixed when it breaks. Additionally, damaged lightbulbs, open manholes, structural deterioration, broken pipes, and glass frequently result in accidents and injuries in communal spaces including the parking lot, stairway, swimming pool, community center, and garden. Some structures lack modern fire suppression systems and regular emergency drills.

Inaccurate or misleading audits

Some societies elect dishonest auditors who ignore the managing committee’s theft of funds in exchange for a portion of the proceeds. In this way, thousands of societies fail to turn in the audited accounts to the authorities, which leads to de-registration and penalties even if the auditor is truthful in assessing the finances. Ineffective audits are the outcome of poor management of the cash books and financial statements. The auditors and residents cannot see the society’s financial undertakings clearly and fairly because of the committee’s poor recordkeeping. Taj Residencia holds quality above quantity and thus applies this strategy in all of its departments.

There are a sizable number of structures that give water continuously, whereas, in the case of other structures, the authorities supply water at set times each day. In such circumstances, the locals install overhead water tanks to store water. To avoid hoarding, we permit only the appropriate water tank size to fit societal regulations.

The managing committee might turn off the water supply throughout the day or during busy times like the mornings and evenings without providing the member prior warning when the buildings do not have overhead tanks and the society controls the water supply. Sometimes the supply provided is insufficient for a family to carry on with their daily activities. The provision of unclean water due to inadequate water tank maintenance and water leaks caused by poor maintenance are other issues seen commonly. 

The Bottom Line

Conflicts don’t always have to be attributed to one party. A housing society is, after all, a place where both clients and owners must take part. To efficiently address issues for the benefit of the group, the members must choose the correct representatives. The committee members themselves should carry out their tasks without expecting any concrete or intangible benefits. The parties involved should prioritize engaging in peaceful discourse. The last remaining and certain choice is to contact the right authorities.

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