Taj Residencia’s Commercial Plots: Why you should invest?

Taj Residencia’s commercial plots are another beneficial asset of the housing society. You can invest in and provide a brighter future for yourself and your family. The housing society has the best commercial plots in Islamabad. These plots can provide a number of great benefits to you. One is being a part of a huge commercial market always wins over the other advantages.

The Sardar Group of Companies, Possessors of Taj Residencia housing society are famous for their mastermind strategies and architectural styles. Specifically, The Centaurus is a wonderful construction in Islamabad with great success. It tells the tales of its professional and modern construction touch. However, this company embraces strong integrity in the development industry for contributing to luxurious living. Our construction team includes well-qualified engineers, designers, architects, planners, and manufacturers.

Taj residencia is an authorized housing society with both residential and commercial plots for sale. People from all over the country visit the premises and invest to avail themselves of our facilities. Visit us today and buy commercial plots today to hold a famous shopping center between the two cities in the future. This is a great chance for you to become a part of the future’s most successful commercial market in the Federal City.

Taj Residencia is a modern housing society in Islamabad offering outstanding living standards, state-of-the-art architecture, and uptime commercial facilities. Taj Residencia announced the effective launch of new payment plans for residential plots in multiple sectors. We also took a step forth and freshly presented Mini commercial reservations on the society’s premises.

Further below, you will come across all the required details of Taj Residencia’s Commercial Plots’ recent reservations. Stay with us through the article to know everything you want to ask about.

Location of Commercial Plots:

Mainly these new mini commercial plots started as the newest addition to the Gardenia block of Taj Residencia. Our construction team includes well-qualified engineers, designers, architects, planners, and manufacturers. It is easily reachable within the distance of 150 feet wide Sardar Avenue Road that attaches Gardenia Block. This comes with the Centaurus Mall 2 along with North and South Circular Avenue.

Amenities of the Commercial Plots Sector:

The features of the Commercial sector include state-of-the-art architecture and modern facilities. Some of the extensive amenities presented at the premises of Taj Residencia are as below:

  • Modern Architecture with the newest designs and extensible strategies applied.
  • Facilities of accommodation of both local and foreign brands and availability of branded products.
  • Water, Gas, and power facilities are given according to the need.
  • Managed sanitary services.
  • Security services including CCTV, security patrol, and gated community.

This housing society holds solid defensive walls with a gated community and security metrics. CCTV cameras are also installed all over the premises to further verify the safety of the inhabitants. Likewise, armed guards recorded under Taj Residencia’s nameare monitored by authorities who keep patrolling the premises.

These commercial plots emerged in the new map of Taj Residencia Housing Society. All of these are possessionable plots and thus they are offered with a down payment. 

The mini commercial plots are basically categorized into three types, Such as: 

  • 3.5 Marla (30 × 30) with 105 square yards.
  • 4 Marla (35 × 30) with 121 square yards.
  • 12 Marla (50 × 60) with 363 square yards.

Price and Installment Plan

An exclusive feature of these commercial plot reservations is that they permit the construction of five floors added to the ground floor. This helps you to expand the building and avail yourself of more space. Moreover, you can book these plots with a 30% down payment and pay the remaining dues in installments. We have detailed payment plans with installments updated on our website.

Further below is the structure of a detailed plan of Taj Residencia commercial plots’ new reservation:

Development and Possession Charges

There are many benefits of Commercial plot possession in Taj Residencia for clients. These benefits are the center of attraction for the visitors to convert into potential customers.    

Another convenience that clients of Taj Residencia are getting is regarding the prices. The prices of these commercial plots are inclusive of Construction and Possession charges. You do not need to pay any extra charges at the time of possession that is included in the down payment. Also, you don’t have to pay construction charges when it begins.    

Commercial Plots Booking Details

Once you have thoroughly viewed everything and are interested in buying, it’s time to book.   

Also, keep in mind that the plots offered are in limited numbers. Commercial Market is the best investment for the business. Therefore, you should choose appropriately and book your commercial plot as soon as possible. If you want to avail yourself of these great yet affordable reservations. We will help you get your best-suited plot in this offer in no time with minimum effort.   


Commercial Market is the best investment for the business. Hence, if you have an interest in earning an everlasting fruitful commercial center of your own. You can avail yourself of this opportunity and get the maximum benefit. 

These new commercial bookings at Taj Residencia offer a great investment opportunity and promise a great return. Moreover, it is equally beneficial for constructing and renting commercial spaces as well. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity; contact us today for further guidance and booking!

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